The Forge

The Decision Space

I like to work in the space of decision making.

The “decision space” resides in the minds of people when they are capable of making a choice to change. The decision space exists when people are convinced there is a better way to do things.

The conversation here is really just about features and cost/benefit and personalty (innovator, early adopter, late adopter…)

Another way to work in the space of decision making is to create this space in people’s minds. People who do not yet have this “space” are not listening to a message for change for whatever reason (or perhaps they’ve listened and moved on).

The conversation here…well there isn’t one, yet. There can’t be a conversation about features and utility until people are convinced there is an alternate reality that might be better than their own. In this case, the name of the game is connecting people to others who already live the alternate reality.

Maybe the only one living the new reality is me, for now.

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