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Some forms of ranting end up sounding like “I can’t.”  I can’t do anything about the problem, but ranting about it (again) feels good.

I Can’t: Public education is broken, [and here’s all the research to prove it] but I can’t or won’t suggest or enlist resources to figure out a solution.

One option for the rant is, “I can if…”  Public education is broken.  I can move the needle if I work within the system to discover if the research rings true for my city. What can I do if it’s true?

Rants serve a purpose for sure…calling attention to something that is broken. It can be helpful to name problems.  But we can’t stop there.  It is worth being aware of which categories our internal monologues fall into…and to be aware of the pattern of our conversations with friends and colleagues.

If ranting is left to it’s own devices, nothing actually gets done.  Rants need to evolve in order to create change.

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