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Some Reasons for Collaborating

Some reasons for collaborating, from most to least convenient.

Collaborate because we don’t have all the required skill sets or perspectives. Other stakeholders need to weigh in. In order to build a better service or learning space or product, it’s necessary to have input from those with domain expertise and from those who will use the new [creation].

Collaborate because we require feedback to validate or correct ideas. We are qualified to work in this domain and we crave feedback from other qualified professionals in order to get better at getting better.

Collaborate because we don’t know what we don’t know. Better yet, collaborate because we are curious. Let’s identify what the market needs and figure out if we can and should meet those needs.

Collaborating as a byproduct of curiosity is more mindset than mandate for most job descriptions. Rarely will a supervisor provide negative feedback for not going out of our way to vet solutions that don’t exist. And yet, being curious is a choice. So is collaborating. Choosing to envision a new reality is a choice. Choosing to create that reality is the ultimate choice.


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