Test results inform professional development

The test results are in, so to speak.   Last spring, students in California schools took the Smarter Balanced Assessment pilot.  Although performance results are not being counted in the traditional sense, teachers and administrators are learning a lot from the experience.  As I meet with teachers, a couple take-aways surface no matter the age and stage of students or content area tested:

  1. Students need to develop skills that allow them to read and process digital content, including informational text, images, and video.
  2. Students need to develop their writing stamina so they can navigate the cognitive load of thinking, writing, and typing in a digital environment, in one sitting.
We are answering a lot of requests for staff training that address these kinds of experiences for students in the classroom and computer labs.  Whatever the state of student devices in your district, there are some simple habits to begin practicing with students.  Our SBAC readiness workshop will train teachers to develop their students’ digital and media literacy and help them develop writing skills to make them more successful in a digital test-taking scenario (and more importantly, in a digital college and business environment).
Please let us know if we can help.
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New technology workshop opps

This year promises to be another dizzying year of CCSS implementation.  I’m excited to announce some new workshops available to teachers to help them guide students through digital learning experiences.  These professional development opportunities offer some unique and powerful ways to:

* Differentiate training for faculty with diverse ranges of technology competency
* Measure teachers’ skill acquisition
* Support teachers using a coaching model that is flexible enough to accommodate most districts’ allotted time for professional development days.

We’ve developed an assessment module for our workshops that allow for true coaching of individual teachers.  One of the outcomes of this assessment is a clean, professional webpage for the teacher.  Why a webpage?  The teacher webpage is perhaps one of the most requested and often a poorly executed edtech initiative.  Districts attempt to balance their desire for connection to home and the larger community with many competing priorities when it comes to training faculty on the ins and outs for editing webpages.

If you would like to see what a custom approach to meeting the training needs of individual teachers looks like, and/or have some stellar teacher webpages to boot, please contact us to get started.

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