Visualize your conversation

My first grade son discovers impactful ways to integrate technology into his life.  He learned that exclamation points represent strong emotion.  He also likes a drawing app called Doodle Buddy.  Last week he tells me, “Dad, I don’t think I should have to do my homework tonight (at which point he holds up the iPad displaying a large, red, exclamation point).”  Awesome.

There is also a lot of strong emotion in conversations within schools associated with making technology purchases.  Finding the perfect technology for your budget, teachers’ preferences, and curriculum adoptions can be overwhelming.

One way to wade through the choices, opinions, and most importantly, strong emotions, is to create a visual conversation.  I’ve used various models but the most important factors include wide spread participation and an artifact that represents school vision for technology, alignment to standards, operations/infrastructure, and implementation/support.

This kind of conversation can be especially helpful if you consider yourself a non-techie.  The result will provide you with feedback from I.T., instruction specialists, and business/operations managers (given that you invite them).

Check out the example below.  Invite people, elicit feedback, create actionable intelligence, and make sense of the strong emotion!

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